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Drug addictions testimonials

*Do you not fancy going to rehab, do you know you could stop if you had to, do you know there’s nothing wrong with you?

It may surprise you to find out that dealing with drug addictions is the easiest part of my work because all the clients I deal with are motivated and are more than willing to follow all instructions. Want a 100% discreet service with no questions asked, just contact me at any time.

Drug addictions

*I was first contacted by this client four months before he came to see me for cocaine addiction, the delayed appointment was due to his and the people around him being so skeptical of me being able to do what I say I can do. This client had plenty of support unfortunately? What I mean  the people around him only spent money on counseling and a well known drug rehabilitation center because they had it. Part of their skepticism came from how little I charge for this service compared to the usual ineffective approach. Maybe it’s time to up my prices? Please read on to see if it rings any bells with you.

This is so strange, how can this be done? My habit was ruining my life and I hated the stuff. I couldn’t understand how I could hate it so much but yet I had to have it at any cost. I know you explained that I would never go back to how I was but I suppose the fear will help to keep me on the straight and narrow.


Marijuana help anyone

*When a person uses marijuana they tend to be in denial of the effects of the drug and it's only when they are clean they realize.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! I never thought that hypnosis would make me feel how I feel today. After being referred to you by a family friend I decided to give it a try only for my kids’ sake. That was what I thought. See over the years, with concerted effort, I had reached a point where I had lost count of how much weed I was smoking in a day, aged just 21. I then drifted through more years than I care to remember with all aims in life gone. Marijuana was my best friend for the next 16 years. After losing my job it got to the point where I would get interviews but be too stoned to go. I borrowed money to smoke weed. I guess I'm saying I wanted to give it up for loads of reasons but mainly because I had had enough.  After my session with you I still smoke my normal cigarettes but I’m so aware that I haven't had a smoke of anything else for 7 months and I feel great.  God Bless You!


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