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Alcohol testimonials

*Don’t allow any one to talk you into believing your weak, your alcohol consumption is being controlled by your subconscious mind and can easily be changed.

Alcohol hypnotherapy

*This client had been talked into believing she was a full blown alcoholic and was carrying this belief around with her self which was making her feel weak and vulnerable. During the consultation we changed her thoughts and I explained that we are dealing with a strong mind not a weak mind.

Hello Michael,

I can’t believe how much better I feel it’s been over three months now since I've had any alcohol what so ever. I know you said it wouldn’t be difficult but I just don’t seem to be interested in drinking any more even when I’m out with friends. It just made sense when you explained what my mind was doing. You were right when you said any urge to drink alcohol would be gone, it’s gone aright, and I’m so glad. It’s taken me this long to contact you because, as you know, I was so skeptical that hypnosis would work.


Reduce alcohol consumption

*I particularly fond of this testimonial because it demonstrates several things about the work that I do. Now this client was quite young and he was a bit concerned about stopping drinking at such a young age (23) so wanted to take another option of reducing the amount and how often he was drinking, when doing this type of work I make everything transparent to the client by explaining it’s actually more of a challenge to reduce alcohol consumption than stop drinking alcohol with hypnotherapy. The interesting thing about this client was how enthusiastic they were about hypnosis and in actual fact all though I never went into stop him drinking alcohol only reduce the amount this testimonial demonstrates how effective real hypnotherapy is.


All though I was fully on board when you were explaining to me about hypnosis etc I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I new my drinking had defiantly taken over my life but a part of me new I had to stop and another part thought I enjoyed getting drunk. Do you know what’s amazing I know I came to see you about cutting back on my drinking but since our session I have not had a drop of alcohol in eleven weeks, I know I could drink if I really wanted to but I just get a feeling of what is the bloody point. I go running now after work instead of going home via my local, it’s easy really now feel fit and healthy or hung-over, embarrassed and ashamed. My apologies though I came out of your office thinking what a load of nonsense that was. I know I’m different in myself but I don’t think I will ever understand how this can work.


I’m not a liar

*It can be a lonely place being a hypnotherapist, this is because I choose to work in the only correct manner when doing hypnosis, on occasions this has gotten me in a bit of trouble with other so called hypnotherapists, this is because there’s a very noticeable difference in the way they’re doing hypnotherapy and what I’m doing, it’s a bit like they’re saying the world is flat and I’m saying it’s round. I once wrote an article explaining that 65% of my clients had been to other hypnotherapists to get the same changes that they were coming to me for and in fact that around 80% of my clients travel for miles to use my hypnotherapy service. In short my writings attracted complaints from other so called hypnotherapists that said this article is just self promotion filled with lies. Well if you’re just putting nice music on, reading scripts, not testing for hypnosis and not testing that your clients are able to accept the changes they’ve come to see you for then you won’t get people traveling miles to come and see you will you?

A client recently asked why don’t you put more testimonials on your website, well every day I get great feed back from clients via E-mails etc but when you’re very busy seeing clients because that’s what you get, busy, when you can give clients the changes they are looking for I don’t get much spare time to put testimonials on my website. Over the few next weeks I will be putting a back log of testimonials on to my website maybe 40-50 of them, I think you will find them interesting.

Below is part of an E-mail I received from a client who had traveled from the London area to use my hypnotherapy services, this client spent two hours with me and in just this single session we achieved complete success, see what you think.

Hi Michael
I had decided to wait for a few months to write you a testimonial but I just can't do it, I am so delighted by the results of my session with you that I feel like telling everyone! It has been 2 weeks since I came to see you and for the first time for as long as I can remember - I have no desire or inclination to drink alcohol. I had been to a couple of failed 'stop drinking' courses and came to you not just because I wanted to stop drinking, but because I wanted to get rid of the desire to drink and you have helped me achieve this goal. I wake up each day having slept well (this was a huge issue for be before) with a silly grin on my face because I feel so good! I literally have my life back and can't thank you enough.


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