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Anxiety hypnosis

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 19th, 2017
Anxiety hypnosis to help you break free from the misery anxiety brings into your life. Let’s use intelligence to work anxiety out. Okay so a person develops anxiety and it would appear it gradually gets worse, they tend to have anxiety for good on and off for the rest of their life. So, we’ve all been created the same but some people end up with anxiety and some people don’t, how come? When doing anxiety hypnosis I often come across all kinds of explanations like genetics‘, it’s your childhood, it’s what someone said to you when you were six etc… If you develop anxiety at forty-eight years old it’s not going to affect you as much as if you had developed anxiety at ten years old, what I mean is that a person at forty-eight has had forty-eight years without anxiety but the person at ten years old has only had ten years without anxiety. Have we all been created so that if anxiety starts we are just stuck with it for good and all we want to do is avoid those things that make us anxious? Maybe the creator whoever that is has given us a tool to change the way we feel? Being a hypnotherapist I see the fantastic changes in my clients on a daily basis and to me, it’s obvious that we have all been provided with the ability to go into hypnosis so we can access the subconscious mind to make changes in the way we are responding to the outside world. It’s the subconscious mind that’s controlling anxiety and it’s the subconscious mind that needs to be accessed during anxiety hypnosis to close down anxiety. The most challenging part of my work is getting clients to be fully on board with the process and be able to follow very simple instructions. It’s the simplicity of how anxiety hypnosis is performed that gets a client’s intelligence chirping up with all kinds of not very helpful ideas and comments. In an ideal world I would get clients to drop their subconscious mind off at my office while they go for a coffee and when they come to collect the subconscious mind later on all the changes have taken place. In a nutshell, It’s the work that I do to explain anxiety hypnosis to clients that allow changes to take place for my client’s. Email Mobile 07804457589 Tel 01257 220261 web I will look forward to hearing from you soon. Michael Real Hypnotherapy  

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