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Cocaine addiction

*Ask your self do you want to be like this client or carry on as you are?

Michael you changed my life, when I first contacted you I tried to come and see you 4 times and I failed to go through with the treatment, but you never gave up on me. I was so skeptical at first to try this but after you explained everything I just knew it would work. I was a mess I was literally unable to function without getting high on cocaine, my 12 year addiction speaks for itself. My £120 a day habit was growing & everything in my life was a struggle. I felt completely exhausted from the years of trying to maintain my life while suffering from cocaine addiction, years of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, not to mention the enormous amount of money that I had spent trying other ways to kick my addiction. All this when I could of just spent 2 hours with you. Since our meeting the urge & desire for cocaine just went away. I feel literally like a new healthy person, with a new healthy life ahead of me. It’s been 8 months and not a sniff. You’re Amazing! Amazing

I thank you, my family thanks you, and my friends who were concerned about me thank you for all of your help & guidance.


Use your head

*Let’s just have a good look at what I do with hypnosis and how we can close down the addiction for you. If a client contacts me and says I want to come and see you I have them just where they need to be, that’s desperate! Make no mistake I see cocaine users from all walks of life and all have varying degrees of problems with cocaine but I can tell when they’re concerned it’s when the paranoia and all the stress starts to affect them. To tell you the truth when I start hearing the word paranoia I get concerned because you can be sure once this paranoia starts eventually it will stay even when the client isn’t using cocaine, this is because I know how the subconscious mind picks up on feelings.This client was desperate and had been pushed against their will into all kinds of other therapies, to be fair by the people that cared about them. This client was experiencing paranoia on a new level and was concerned because they’d seen a close friend nearly die from cocaine and other drug use.

  Thank you so much for the amazing work you’ve done for me. I was in so much debt and despair it was unreal to say the least. You gave me tremendous hope from the word go and I cannot believe how I feel today about cocaine. I new it was ruining me and more than any thing I wanted to stop but as you know I just couldn’t take the other therapies seriously mainly because I knew a part of me new they just were not the answer. You gave me the information that just seemed to make the difference in my attitude towards getting off cocaine for good. Yes you were right no one believes what we have achieved and even the people that are supposed to care are just waiting for me to fail, no chance! Thank you so very much.


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