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Do you think you are an alcoholic

Posted by Michael Crompton on November 7th, 2017
Let’s ruffle a few feathers, can’t help it the maverick in me won’t allow me to accept dribble and nonsense especially in the therapy world.

As a hypnotherapist, it’s very rare for me to work with what I consider a true alcoholic. This may surprise some of you but fortunately, it’s few and far between. Of course what I’m about to write is my opinion based on my experience of working with people and alcohol. This means it’s irrelevant if you agree or not, either way, I don’t care but if yourself or someone you know is having difficulty with alcohol you may find it helpful.

Due to the complex nature of this subject, I will need to do this in several sections.

See if you agree or disagree with my opinions about alcohol and what I think makes someone a true alcoholic.

Firstly I say alcohol is a recreational mind-bending drug that people drink to change the way they feel. So are people morally right to be partaking in the recreational drug alcohol? For sure all walks of life drink alcohol to celebrate, relax, drown their sorrows or just for the sake of it. Drinking alcohol is legal in certain circumstances but if you get caught drinking and driving you’re in serious trouble. A police officer could arrest you for being drunk and disorderly but the police officer may drink alcohol him/herself. I find it strange that you can drink alcohol but if you drink too much alcohol you could be arrested. If you don’t drink alcohol you’re in the minority and probably will be labeled as boring. Drink too much alcohol you get into trouble and get labeled an alcoholic.

Below I’ve listed some potential measures I’ve come up with what may contribute to being labeled an alcoholic. It could be one or more of them, see if any match your idea of an alcoholic.

1, You watch the clock, 4,5,6 o’clock comes you have to have an alcoholic drink if you don’t you get agitated and don’t know what to do with yourself.

2, You just can’t relax and get to sleep without drinking alcohol.

3, You just can’t take or leave drinking alcohol like you used to.

4, You drink alcohol to relieve boredom.

5, You drink to oblivion and can’t stop.

6, You can keep off alcohol but when you drink alcohol you loose days.

7, You crave alcohol as soon as you wake up.

8, You can’t control the amount of alcohol you drink in one sitting.

9, You just have one glass of wine (drink) every night.

10, You just drink one night of the week.

11, You don’t drink too much alcohol like some people you know.

12, You cause arguments or make more out of a day to day stresses so you can drink alcohol.

There’s just a few off the top of my head. However, I wouldn’t consider any of the above to be a trait of an alcoholic. In a nutshell, it’s not the amount, frequency or that you can’t control drinking that makes you an alcoholic. In my opinion being a true alcoholic is a person’s particular person that comes in contact with alcohol that’s the real problem. The person with a certain personality trait brought together with alcohol turns into an alcoholic. This means that a person might not drink that much alcohol that often but I could still consider them to be an alcoholic. On the other side of the coin, a person could be drinking loads of alcohol and I still wouldn’t consider them an alcoholic.

A true alcoholic has no genuine interest in stopping drinking alcohol, sure they will go through the motions, accept help from others (as long as they don’t have to pay for it), do plenty of saying I want to stop drinking alcohol, declare they are alcoholic and it’s not their fault. Basically, say and do anything to keep drinking alcohol, keep the bailouts and forgiveness coming.

A true alcoholic tends to have a stinking attitude in general and especially around alcohol. Here’s the interesting bit. I believe I nor any other form of therapy could help a true alcoholic. Basically, no therapy can change a person personality, attitude or bring about a desire to stop drinking. In fact, if this type of person came in contact with gambling, smoking, drugs or food I or no one could help them.

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