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Does hypnosis work

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 23rd, 2017
Does hypnosis work for everybody is another question I’m often asked. It does not matter at all what a client has come to my hypnotherapy practice for to have a successful session they must follow my very simple instructions. These instructions are so simple but you would be amazed at the number of clients that know better than me and to do their own thing.

If you go to the hairdressers for that all important confidence building hair style you have to follow the hairdresser’s simple instructions and if you do you will get exactly what you’ve asked for and paid for. Therefore, it might be, sit still, move your head here, or there and even close your eyes etc… If you think you don’t need to put any importance on the hairdresser’s instructions by texting, answering your phone, wanting to tell the stylist how to do their job and you find it difficult to keep still even though you’ve been asked umpteen times you’re going to end up with a bad hair cut. The only problem with this is you will walk out of the hairdressers calling the hairdresser all kinds of names for giving you a bad haircut. let’s get one thing straight, you ended up with a bad hair cut because you thought you knew better than the hairdresser, you refused or chose not to follow instructions.

If a person goes to the dentist, hairdressers, doctors, pharmacy or wants to bake a cake you have to follow the instructions that will get you from A to B. If you don’t follow the instructions 1,000 visits to the hairdressers, dentist, doctors won’t get you what you want, and this also means that trying a recipe 1,000 times and not the following instruction will lead to a big pile of failed attempts at baking a cake.

A client attended my hypnotherapist practice, I gave him the instruction, please keep your eyes closed throughout your session. I emerged him from hypnosis, the first thing he said was, I opened my eye during about five times. I asked him, for what reason, his reply was, I wanted to see if I was hypnotized. Fantastic, there’s another test for hypnosis I never knew about but guess what the client had his own ideas about how to test for hypnosis. One thing for sure I did everything right to get the client the results but he probably sabotaged his session.

In a nutshell, if you don’t follow a hypnotherapists instructions 1,000 sessions of hypnosis is unlikely to change you in the slightest!

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