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Free hypnosis CD for sleep problems

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 25th, 2017
A client came in this week saying they were having trouble sleeping they informed me about a free hypnosis CD that had been given to listen to by the previous person they had been to for hypnosis.

This client reports they are, their previous attempt at resolving this issue ended up with them being given a free hypnosis CD to listen to every night. Not only did they listen to the hypnosis CD every night their husband also listened to it as well even though he had reported no sleep problems.

How fantastic they both thought this free hypnosis CD was because every night they listened to it they both fell asleep. However, they both went away for the weekend for a break and forgot the CD and guess what the lady couldn’t sleep but her husband fell asleep no problem.

What the above client demonstrates is that any old CD or a good book will allow you to relax and sleep. However, no changes have taken place in the subconscious mind because if they had no CD would be needed.

The purpose of going to a hypnotherapist is to change your subconscious mind, what this means is for a hypnotherapist to begin working with a sleep problem they are saying is that the sleep problem or insomnia is a problem in the subconscious mind.

It’s the job of a hypnotherapist/client to change the subconscious mind on a one to one basis. Once this change has taken place in the subconscious mind why would you want to keep trying to change what you’ve supposed to of change during the hypnotherapy session? The subconscious has changed or it has not, simple, isn’t it.

It takes tremendous skill from a hypnotherapist to be able to give precise suggestion that’s specific to each client, a hypnotherapist has to understand different states of hypnosis and be able to test that changes are taking place at the subconscious level. Unfortunately, no CD can replace a properly trained hypnotherapist, no CD can test for the correct hypnotic state, no CD can check if changes are taking place in the subconscious mind no matter who’s giving them away or selling them.

If only I could give CD’s as add-on or substitute for a live precise hypnotherapy session, nope, every day I work with clients I’m thinking on my feet to get the result for each client.


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