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Posted by Michael Crompton on February 19th, 2017
If I were honest I would say that I’m in the wrong country doing hypnotherapy, this I believe is because the United Kingdom has a culture where the general public has an attitude that life owes them something. I will give you an example, sometimes clients will say I’ve been for counseling but it was a load of rubbish! I ask at what point did you come to the conclusion that counseling was a load of rubbish? Some just say I knew it was no good because my friend had been and it didn’t work. Mmmmm, I then ask why you went at all? Well, it’s all free on the N.H.S isn’t? No, it’s not free taxpayers are funding your lackluster attempts at changing.

Unfortunately, life owes us nothing, the N.H.S owes us nothing, taxpayers owe us nothing and I can assure you my hypnotherapy services owes nobody nothing either.

Your problems are your problems nobody else’s so don’t expect a free ride from anywhere because you won’t get one. Everything in life that’s worth having has a value and if you don’t think it has any value don’t use it or be part of it, no one is making you. Clients will attempt to put a hypnotherapist under pressure by making unrealistic demands of guarantees, it’s not going to happen and if there was a guarantee I wouldn’t offer one because that’s persuasion isn’t it!

Here are some guarantees I do offer if you do without chocolate, crisps, cakes, takeaways, beer, cigarettes, gambling, cinema, 10 pin bowling, SKY TV, and drugs for two weeks you should be able to afford my hypnotherapy services.


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I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

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