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Hypnosis for fear of flying

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 21st, 2017
Hypnosis for a fear of flying is one of the most common things I work with as a hypnotherapist. You’re all set for that all important flight but there’s just one small problem it’s a nightmare for you. White knuckle ride from start to finish, nothing anyone can say or do changes the way you feel about flying.

So, how can an otherwise rational person end up absolutely terrified of flying? I will tell you, it’s some very important rules of the subconscious mind that have allowed this fear to develop and once your subconscious has gotten hold of the idea that flying is very dangerous it stays until address by a properly trained hypnotherapist.

You will of already have told yourself that there’s nothing to be fearful of about flying but it doesn’t make any difference the fear of flying stays. This is because you are talking to your conscious mind. I will say it again, no amount of talking to anybody’s conscious mind can remove the fear of flying no matter who’s doing the talking, even if they have all the qualifications in the world!

My observation from working with a fear of flying hypnosis is that most clients have never been on a plane. Yes, correct, most clients have never been on a plane, this, of course, means the fear of flying developed in the subconscious mind.

Why not contact me to see if you can join other clients and actually enjoy flying instead of dreading it.

The good news is It’s not difficult to remove a fear of flying with hypnotherapy as long as the correct techniques are used and I have a good client.

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