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   There can only ever be one best approach to achieving anything and it’s knowing this that sets me apart from the rest. It’s my no nonsense approach at getting at the real problem that makes what I do so effective. Hypnotherapy is not a long winded solution at all, so make sure you get a genuine hypnotherapist.

You and your hypnotherapy session

     The way I work with hypnotherapy is to give clients a sense of certainty they’ve been searching for. My approach is to explain hypnosis to every client so they have a full understanding of how to make their session 100% effective. I think it’s very important that as soon as a client enters my office that they have a feeling that they’ve come to the right place to have their issues resolved completely. Clients inform me that it’s the approach I take that fills them with that all important sense of certainty they’ve been searching for. Here’s what a typical client will experience during their session.

1, Consultation, of course, this is to establish what your issue(s) are and the approach needed.

2, Hypnosis explained, this will give you a full understanding of hypnosis and how to respond to hypnosis.

3, The induction, the correct induction will be chosen for you and your issue. The induction is the process used to allow a client to enter into the correct state of hypnosis. Once any client has gone into hypnosis it will be tested for and demonstrated to them that they are in the correct state of hypnosis.

4,The treatment, this is the change work and of course, it will be demonstrated to you that the changes that you’ve come to see me for can take place. This is essential and all good hypnotherapists will know how to test for this.

5, Post-treatment interview, this will explain to any client what to expect from now on and how the changes will affect them.

Does hypnotherapy work?

   What I’m about to say may surprise some of you, your therapy starts as soon as you start to think about making changes in your life. What does this mean exactly? We can all sometimes put things off or have too high a threshold for tolerating challenging situations, this may include the way we are feeling, not functioning at our best, the inability to make decisions due to lack of confidence or we are being guided by our emotions rather than rational thinking. You may feel stuck in a certain situation, maybe your job, a relationship or you’re just going along to get along. You hope things will just get better, somehow, but they never do, do they? You end up more and more frustrated because you know it’s not your lack of intelligence, willingness or ambition that’s holding you back but the way you feel about yourself. Perhaps, you don’t initiate change because you fear the added pressure changes would put you under. Life gives us challenges all the time and these test us at the best of times but with the added burden of low self-esteem, anxiety, phobias etc which puts a tremendous strain on our ability to cope. It’s only when you’ve had enough that you will feel motivated to make changes in the way you are feeling. People have different levels of tolerance, what I mean is you will have a gauge were at the top end you can take only so much negativity before you do something about it or the bottom end where you allow yourself to sink only so far down before doing something about it. Once you decide to do something about the way you are feeling, you will start to feel better immediately. To decide means to cut off from any other possibility and once you do this you start the process of momentum towards a positive outcome. Once you decide to contact me for advice or maybe make an appointment you will feel better, it’s you making decisions that will give you a feeling of being back in control.

Find out about hypnosis

   The most important part of any consultation is to remove any misconceptions you may have about hypnotherapy. I do this by educating every client about hypnosis and what to expect during the session. All clients respond better to hypnotherapy once they understand what’s happening during the treatment.

What does a hypnotherapist do?

   Once a person has gone into hypnosis it’s then time for me to start to communicate with their subconscious mind and put forward our (mine and yours) case for change. I usually close down old limiting behaviors, what could be easier than getting your subconscious mind to do nothing? Then replace with a new more productive program. You see, you will be fully aware of everything I’m saying, it may even sound a bit strange (to your conscious mind) the way I’m communicating with your subconscious mind. During the session it will feel as though nothing is happening, it does not matter! All that matters is your enthusiasm for change and what a positive outcome would mean to you.

Has hypnotherapy been effective?

   Immediately after the session you may feel as though nothing has happened although you may notice how relaxed you are. This does not mean that there have been no changes though. All the changes will have taken place in your subconscious mind but then it’s down to your circumstances when you notice these changes. I usually advise every client not to go looking for changes but rather just carry on as normal. You will sooner or later be faced with a situation where you used to feel challenged and it’s in these situations that you will feel different. These changes can be subtle were you perhaps would not even put the positive change down to hypnotherapy or they may be very noticeable were you will feel completely different, in yourself. These changes may make you feel a little strange at first but you will later accept them and trust that you will not revert back to your old ways. You see, it’s your conscious mind that has intelligence and your subconscious mind has no intelligence. It’s because your conscious mind has intelligence that it expects to be able to make changes in you and it cannot understand how changes can come about without it taking part. It’s your conscious mind that is guided by evidence of past experiences and it takes a little while for your conscious mind to accept hypnotherapy as a success.

Hypnotherapy summed up

   So there you have it, the above is a brief summary of a typical hypnotherapy session. There are many variants to the above but they all depend on your particular issues. I hope this has given you more insight and removed any of your concerns. If you would like any more information about the above or if you would like to make an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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