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Just stop taking cocaine

Posted by Michael Crompton on March 13th, 2017
It’s considered that cocaine is not addictive, this would be correct. However, although cocaine is not physically addictive you can be sure it has what I would consider a very powerful potential to become a mental addiction. There’s barely a week goes by when a cocaine addiction client says, when I first took cocaine I was assured it wasn’t addictive. All bar none, then say, if I knew it was so addictive I would never have taken it!

On occasion, the client that attends my hypnotherapy practice for cocaine addiction hypnosis has had a rough deal from the people around them that can’t understand why they can’t just stop taking cocaine. Unfortunately, once a cocaine habit has become an addiction it’s not that easy to just stop taking cocaine. I can assure you once any person becomes addicted to cocaine, in my opinion, it’s the most difficult drug to get off and stay off!

I will give you an example of the ferocity that a cocaine addiction has once it gets a grip of a person.

A client attended my hypnotherapy practice for cocaine addiction hypnosis. This client explained that the medical people had explained to him that they were 90% certain that taking cocaine was the reason why he had developed epilepsy. After developing epilepsy this client still could not stop taking cocaine. In fact, bar none, every time this client took cocaine within ten seconds he went into having an epileptic fit falling over like a roll of carpet. This client displayed multiple scars on his face from falling over after taking cocaine. If knowing you’re going to have an epileptic fit after taking cocaine doesn’t stop a person taking cocaine this for sure demonstrates the tremendous mental addiction cocaine has.


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