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How much does hypnotherapy cost

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 16th, 2017
How much does hypnotherapy cost is in the top three of questions I get asked. Oh boy, phone rings and their first statement is the immortal words, how much is it? A simple hello first would be quite nice, their first and only real concern, how much does hypnotherapy cost. The conversation starts off bad then goes even worse, they then tend to make statements like. I can’t afford it, I don’t want to get ripped off, can you stop me smoking and drinking at the same time, is it cheaper if the wife comes as well, what if it don’t work do I get my money back, what’s your success rate, I’ve no money me you know etc. As you can see not a good start as far as a client goes.

As a hypnotherapist you’re always working with clients at the thin end of the wedge, I call these clients golden nuggets. It’s working at the thin end of the wedge clients that allows me and clients to get the results with hypnotherapy. These clients may not be financially well off but most of the time their last concern is how much does hypnotherapy cost, in fact, they sometimes forget to ask how much does hypnotherapy cost.

When any potential clients say’s they can’t afford hypnotherapy and they’ve got no money it’s not my problem or anyone else’s it’s theirs. I’m sorry if you’ve got no money but please understand you get the same twenty-four hours in a day like the rest of us. It’s up to you what you do, don’t complain if you’ve got no drive or enthusiasm to make something out of yourself.

On occasion client’s say, I’m not charging enough for hypnotherapy. These clients tend to be business minded by nature. My philosophy as been, I use fees that everybody can afford even if they have to do without other things for a while.

When a person is overly concerned about how much does hypnotherapy cost this tends to show they’re are putting no value on hypnotherapy, in fact, they are attempting to strike a deal up. If I gave them 50% discount they would still be happier buying beer or something they put more value on.


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Respectfully I must disagree, I think that yes some clients may be able to afford £50 sessions often and some like myself, have maybe decided to try and see if this could work. But, as every person is different you may need more sessions, so financially yes this makes the whole experience a little more high stakes, as if this doesn’t work for you, it may feel like you’ve wasted your hard earned money. While knowing that your skill is indeed something that takes time, hard work and study, not all clients may have had the option to take a… Read more »