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What is O.C.D

  On a daily basis I remove unwanted or needed behaviours like smoking, drinking, drug taking and over eating. I treat O.C.D in almost the exact same way as I would treat any bad habit and the O.C.D hypnosisclient has to demonstrate a desire to rid themselves of any O.C.D before treatment can be effective. What this demonstrates is that the subconscious mind is treating smoking the same way as any O.C.D. You would never say a smoker has O.C.D or that they have a mental illness. Therefore, this has to mean that O.C.D cannot be a mental illness. I don’t recognize anybody with a behavioural problem has having a mental illness, what I mean by this is if a person has a problem controlling a particular behaviour it’s only anybodies conscious mind that decides weather it’s a good or bad behaviour. It’s important to remember that no behaviour is ever hard wired into anybodies mind; it’s not a physical thing that’s been bolted in or welded into place. It’s only an impulse that can be easily closed down with a properly trained hypnotherapist. If you’ve been given and accepted the label of having obsessive compulsive disorder it’s time you realized there’s nothing wrong with you. Yes that’s right there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you and you can be free of any behaviour you like. What doesn’t surprise me is when I’m treating any client with so called obsessive compulsive disorder is how intelligent, bright and clued up they tend to be. What becomes apparent is that at some level they know there can’t be anything wrong with them but they can’t quite put two and two together until I help them make the transition to understanding what’s going on. There then becomes a moment of clarity when they realize they don’t have a mental illness.

Chemical warfare

   Your intelligence is going to object to my next statement! Here’s a list of treatments that a recent client had before coming to see me over obsessive compulsive disorder. Fourteen sessions of counselling, eleven sessions of acupuncture, five sessions cognitive behavioural therapy (they chose to stop at five sessions) and good old medication from their GP. None of these proved to be effective! What this demonstrates is that none of the treatments I’ve mentioned was addressing the real issue, the subconscious mind. All talk therapies are talking to the conscious mind, the conscious mind cannot change anything that’s being controlled by the subconscious mind. No amount of medication can remove any unwanted behaviour no matter who says so. It’s going to surprise you to find out that this person’s so call obsessive compulsive disorder was cleared up within just one session. This is what is possible but other people with more issue’s will probably require separate work for each issue as long as the client is motivated to change.

O.C.D disorder

   Anybody who has obsessive compulsive disorder has allowed themselves to accept this label and once this happens you end up telling yourself that you have O.C.D and guess what as long as your telling yourself you have a disorder you will always have a obsessive compulsive disorder.

How to treat obsessive compulsive disorder

   The most important thing to understand is that no one, not even a hypnotherapist can make you do anything you don’t want to do. It’s also important to understand that you must want to be free of your particular O.C.D and why wouldn’t you?

Get obsessive in getting right!

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