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Obsessive compulsive disorder?

*My mind set is that nothing is not curable,you just have to know the real issue and then go after the solution with complete determination to succeed. No clients condition phases me at all because I have the skill to mend the mend very quickly.


Hello, I just wanted to write to you and tell you how awesome your methods are. I am still in a stage of disbelief and not sure if I had a past condition at all thanks to you. I've lived with O.C.D and its various manifestations for nearly 30 years (since my early teens) and its legacy of "wasted" years, unhappiness, despair and hopelessness (felt by myself and my loved ones). From the moment we met I felt something was going to happen, my condition was over the top. You made me feel calm explaining to me how my mind was running O.C.D. Having more than one O.C.D I appreciated the rapid changes in me. Well, I can only begin with the words that I am a healthy, happy young woman with a future ahead of her, and I never thought that would ever be the case. Having spent time in various clinics over the past 7 years I was very dependent on therapy. I am now living every second and moment of my life to the full. It’s been five months since I have been cured and I am very optimistic about my future.


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