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 *I get more testimonials from stop smoking clients than any other because there’s not much stigma attached to smoking and they don’t mind as much putting their thoughts into writing. I tell every client that when they’ve stopped smoking it will be the best feeling they’ve ever had.

Just like that ha ha

*You only ever need one session to stop smoking if you're a real hypnotherapist you will understand this. On a daily basis I see clients who've been for hypnosis and report no changes at all after multiple sessions. They usually report something like this, one session to reduce, followed by another session to help you reduce and you might need a third session, you will get a free CD to listen to and free back up and support for a year. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it? Here's my approach, one session, I just don't offer failure as an option!


Hello! This is Dave; I just wanted to say thanks. I came in having a negative attitude, doing this only for my wife. I just didn’t like admitting I needed help. After having gone through this process before I had given up on hypnosis, as you are aware I had been for hypnotherapy before.  My wife heard about you and begged me to go and see you. After our session I left and walked out the door feeling relaxed, I drove home that evening and finished some work off. It wasn’t until my wife asked me later that I realized I hadn’t even thought about a cigarette. I have been smoking for 20 years and all of a sudden BAM it’s gone! Awesome work! You have magic powers (smile). Thank you very much for being a wonderful person!


Amazed at stopping

*Here's a typical response when a client realizes I'm the real deal in the hypnosis world!

Hello Michael,

I am writing to say thank you so very much for helping to finally stop me Smoking. I want to scream from the rooftops about YOU and how you have changed my life in such a positive way! From the moment you took my first call, I could tell you actually CARED about me and how you could help me to finally stop smoking. I didn't know what to expect or how it would work, but I've been smoke-free for almost 3 months now and that's only after ONE session. I'm completely blessed to have found you and honored to call you my friend now. I have told many people about  you and how you can help them to stop smoking as well. You are a true blessing.



*This client came to see me via a recommendation from a previous client and even though they witnessed a close friend use my services to quit smoking they were still very skeptical. After many failed attempts to quit and being a smoker for thirty years we achieved complete success.

 I can’t believe it, I’m a none smoker at last. I’m truly amazed! I just can’t get my head round how this can be done.


No time to smoke

*This client was adamant that smoking was great for stress relief until I pointed out that the stress was coming from lack of time. We worked out that a twenty a day smoker spends about two and a half hours finding a place to smoke, going for cigarettes and smoking them.

   Wonderful, fantastic, amazing that’s how I’m feeling and thanks to you no more fags. Not smoking has changed the way I feel in general. I have more time to do the important things and the things I enjoy. I can’t believe how much time I must have been spending blowing smoke in and out (as you put it).


Forgot to light up

*The techniques I use are second to none, I know this because prier to using these techniques I had been trained twice before in smoking cessation. In the first two training courses I was a bad student and never used those techniques on any clients but just sat back and watched other students fail.

      This client had been a forty plus a day smoker for over forty years. She had tried all the usual methods and again even another hypnotherapist (twenty years ago). Talk about skeptical and no faith at all in hypnotherapy. During the consultation I worked hard to demonstrate the power of hypnosis and towards the end of the consultation this is what she said. “Can you not just knock me out and when I wake up I will never smoke again?”

      Immediately after her session here’s what she said, was I hypnotized, I don’t see how that can work and do I need to come back for another session? Here is part of the Email I received from her three weeks later.

 I don’t know what you have done but at first when I was driving home from your office I thought I had just forgot to light up. The thing is I kept forgetting to light up and then it dawned on me, I don’t want to smoke! I was expecting to feel some sort of power around cigarettes but I don’t feeling anything what so ever. I felt as though I sort of wanted to stop smoking but I can’t explain how I feel now towards smoking. I do feel very relieved not being a smoker now though and I know I would of not been able to do it without you.


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