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Posted by Michael Crompton on March 17th, 2017
I’m a great believer in the fact that you are allowed to say or write what you like as long as it’s true.

Day in and day out I see clients who have been elsewhere for help via hypnotherapy as well as other therapies. I ask them one question have you been for hypnotherapy before, not have you had hypnosis before because if they’ve had hypnosis they would not be ringing me up to come and sort the same problem out that they’ve been elsewhere for.

I say to clients, I’m not saying I’m a fantastic hypnotherapist, I’m just a hypnotherapist that uses hypnosis like it’s supposed to be used. What I mean is, every client that comes to see me gets tested and shown that they are in actual fact in the correct state of hypnosis and not any other state. When a client experiences the correct state of hypnosis all bar none say well that was completely different from what I had with the other hypnotherapist.

You can type into any search engine, train to be a hypnotherapist, just check out the multitude of totally conflicting opinions and approaches. You would struggle to find even the correct description of what hypnosis is amongst this array. One thing for sure, they all can’t be right!

I used to say that about 65% of clients that I see have been for hypnosis elsewhere before they come to me, it’s now about 75%. This I believe has a lot to do with the fact that I’m targeting clients that are still searching to find a solution to their issues. I know if a client has been elsewhere and is still searching they are desperate to get right and are willing to follow my simple instructions.

Here’s the difference between what I do and what else is out there and being passed off as hypnotherapy. I don’t use any other therapies and never mix and match, when a client comes to me they are going to get what they’ve come for and paid for hypnosis! I believe when hypnosis is done correctly there can’t be much need for any other therapies. This does not mean that I’m saying that other therapies are of no use either.

I can remember years ago going against what was being passed off as hypnotherapy by so called teachers, this doesn’t make you very popular. In fact, I was told point blank by one individual that I would never succeed as an hypnotherapist. Sorry matey you were wrong, I knew there had to be a better way than the absolute dribble you were passing off as hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I found the better way and I can assure you I’ve never looked back.


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