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At your wits end with not sleeping?

     Are you sick of the torture of not being able to sleep, do you want a solution? Remember, to sort any problem out you have to know what the problem is first of all.


     First things first, what is sleep? It’s your conscious mind switching off, if the conscious mind doesn’t switch off you will lay there widesleep problems awake like a bush baby wondering what to do about not being able to sleep. So why would the conscious mind not switch off then and allow you to sleep?
As with all conditions I’m working with I work with the rules of the mind, it’s understanding these rules that enables me to understand why any client is having trouble sleeping. When I explain to clients about why they’re not sleeping you can see the relief on their face because at last they have a possible light at the end of the tunnel that will allow them how to sleep properly again.


     So you’re desperate to just fall asleep, you’re sick of not sleeping, you’ve tried every thing out there, but still going to sleep is just a night mare for you. You’re completely worn out and you know you’re not functioning at your best and will this lack of sleep ever end. You’re on this page because you’ve tried every thing else and you realize that all those other methods you’ve tried weren’t the real reason why you can’t sleep. Please read this next sentence very carefully! There is a reason why a person can’t fall asleep and I will tell you what it is, the subconscious mind.
No talking to the conscious mind can change a sleep problem (no matter what qualification they have), no medication can cure a sleep problem, no relaxing and avoiding stress can remove a sleep disorder.

Sleep disorder

     You have the same thoughts about sleeping, you have the same dreads about bed time, every time you try to sleep you can’t, this lack of sleep never leaves you and it’s like a never ending desperation to be able to just sleep without any problem. Sleep disorder eh? Where’s the disorder, every thought and feeling you have about not sleeping is in perfect order, right! When was the last time you didn’t have the same ritual like thoughts and ideas about going to sleep? It’s the understanding I have about breaking these thoughts and ideas you have about sleep that makes what I do so effective.

Cause of insomnia

     I will say it repeatedly; it’s the rules of the mind that I work with that allows me to remove a sleep problem. You may of noticed a particular event or time in your life where you believe this sleep problem started, thing is though you may be right and your sleep problem may of been caused by a particular event in your life. So what? You can’t change an event can you but the interesting thing is that the subconscious mind has the ability to remove the impact of a past experience so it no longer affects you. What this really means is that we don’t need to know what caused your sleep problem and it’s a good job too because if we had to rely on any clients conscious mind to find a solution to their sleep problem we wouldn’t be able to remove the sleep problem. This is because your conscious mind doesn’t have a clue what the cause of your sleep problem is.

Insomnia cure

     So how can a hypnotherapist sort a sleep problem out then? Remember you’ve already been searching in the wrong areas to sort your insomnia out because if you had been looking in the right place you would not be reading this, you would be falling asleep no problem. You may even have been trying to find the missing link to your sleep problem; well you can be sure you’ve found it! It’s the subconscious mind that’s got things out of all proportion and won’t allow you to sleep and it’s this what is changed during hypnosis.

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     Again I’m limited as to what I can reveal on this page. If you would like any more information about your sleep problem and how we go about changing it please call text or Email any time, I will be more than happy to help you to understand your sleep problem better.

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