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Stop drinking alcohol hypnosis

Posted by Michael Crompton on February 15th, 2017
Stop drinking alcohol hypnosis is the most challenging part of the work that I do around so-called addictions. Here’s why, alcohol is a drug that’s taken to change the state of your mind, and it does a very good job too. Alcohol is a controlled drug, not an illegal drug after all your local police station will have more than it’s fair share of drinkers working there. So the problem is that alcohol is accepted as an okay drug to take, oh sorry did you not realize you are taking a drug when you drink alcohol.

I’ve been in situations where I’ve been in the company of people off their faces on beer but yet see it fit to attack people who take other drugs. It’s only the law that decides what drug is acceptable to take and in what amounts.

I work purely with the subconscious mind, it’s having the ability to make changes in the subconscious mind that gives me the results I get. Here’s the problem with the subconscious mind and alcohol, your subconscious mind is oblivious that alcohol is causing you a problem it really could not care less what damage the drinking is doing to you and your life. All it cares about is getting you better and better at drinking more and more alcohol. Don’t believe me, look back you will see how many times you’ ve said you’re going to stop drinking alcohol but you end up drinking more and more alcohol.

Clients will attempt to go through the motions of stop drinking alcohol hypnosis to show that they do care about what alcohol is doing to them. Their intelligence tells them they can go through the motions of stop drinking alcohol hypnosis and then say I’ve even tried hypnosis and that didn’t work so I will just have to carry on drinking.

Remember, I’m working at a different level that no intelligence can understand and no client can get passed without being found out.

Make no mistake the drinkers biggest fear is that stop drinking alcohol hypnosis will be 100% successful and you just won’t be able to drink alcohol again!

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