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Stop smoking hypnosis

Stop smoking

      I see people on a daily basis who seem to think at some level they are immune to the dangers of smoking, no one ever is though! To have a smoking related disease is a terrible situation to be in, imagine if it became your reality. If the picture above moves you in any way just give me a call any time I think you will like how I can explain the way stop smoking hypnosis can help you to stop smoking. It does not matter how long you’ve been smoking for, how many times you‘ve tried to stop smoking or how many cigarettes you smoke in a day, all that matters is have you got the correct motives to stop smoking. To be honest if you are looking for a hypnotherapist to stop smoking this requisite is the the most important guide to use,have you got the right motives to allow hypnosis to be affective?

Why stop smoking?

   I suppose I could put images on the page that will show the benefits of stopping smoking, big pile money perhaps. The picture below has been chosen because it reminds me of a client that I refused to work with. This client had been booked in via a third party this is never a good sign and can show a lack of commitment from the client.stop smoking My suspicions were confirmed when the client turned up looking very similar to this man (mouth cancer). His opening statement was you won’t be able to stop me smoking my mind is too strong! It’s having the right attitude that will allow stop smoking hypnosis to be effective. This man didn’t have it and never would. It’s having the right attitude towards stopping smoking with hypnosis that will allow me and you to close down your compulsion to smoke cigarettes. I can assure you the feedback I get from clients after they’ve used hypnosis to stop smoking is just fantastic. When a client of mine has stopped smoking they inform me it’s the greatest feeling they’ve ever had.

Want to stop smoking with hypnosis

   There are many so called methods to stop smoking but which one is the most effective? Let’s make one thing very clear to begin with. No one can make you stop smoking, and no method can make you stop smoking. When I began my training in hypnotherapy the buzz phrase was the client has got to want to stop smoking before any hypnotherapy can be effective. Me being me I never take things for granted no matter who says it’s true. You see it does not matter what I’m dealing  I/we can only ever get results as long as I/we are dealing with the real issue or if you like reality not guess work. In my opinion most smokers don’t actually want to stop smoking at all but would rather carry on smoking and not have the concerns about their health, the cost, or the cosmetic changes. This is what makes stopping smoking with hypnosis so successful because as I’ve said you only get results in hypnotherapy if you’re dealing with reality. Smokers already know that they’ve failed so many times at stopping smoking. In some cases people will contact me who’ve already been else where for hypnosis to stop smoking and report that it didn’t work. These clients tend to contact me when they’ve come into contact with another client of mine that has already been to me and been successful at stopping smoking. I often state that the biggest mistake a person makes when searching for help with hypnosis is that they assume all hypnotherapists are the same, I can assure they are not! As a hypnotherapist you know if you’ve got the right techniques. Once your confident in your techniques it’s the client that has to fit in and follow my very simple instructions.

Stop smoking cravings

   There are many ways to stop smoking out there and none more popular than the nicotine replacement methods (NRT) but are they effective ways to stop smoking? I like to pick things apart, get to the truth, and look at things as they really are. This does not make you very popular but one thing is for sure it makes me very effective at turning clients into none smokers. Ask yourself are you a nicotine addict and is this why you can’t stop smoking? There is great debate as to weather nicotine is addictive or not and hypnotherapists can’t agree on this at all. I’ve never treated any client for nicotine addiction in any way; my approach is to close down the compulsive habit of smoking. I’ve never had any clients complain of getting withdrawals from nicotine after they have stopped smoking. If nicotine was the reason why you can’t stop smoking all you would need to do would be cover yourself in nicotine patches and all impulses and urges to smoke would be gone but you know that there’s another part of you that won’t allow you to stop smoking. It’s this other part (subconscious mind) that we change during your stop smoking hypnosis session.

Stop smoking hypnosis

   I’m aware that anyone considering using hypnotherapy to stop smoking is somewhat sceptical as to whether hypnosis can be effective for them. The approach I take is to give every client a thorough consultation and the main purpose of this is to make sure as best as I can that every client will be successful. If a client cannot satisfy the criteria for being successful then I don’t continue with the hypnosis. There are many reasons that people give as to why they want to stop smoking but, in my opinion, there is only one right reason that will allow stop smoking hypnosis to be effective. It’s important to understand that using hypnosis to stop smoking takes most of the struggle and effort away from becoming a none smoker and staying a none smoker. I know this sounds hard to believe but this is how it is. Just cast your mind back to how you were before you were a smoker. This is the feeling we aim to achieve with stop smoking hypnosis. This does not mean you will have no memory of smoking, the idea is you just won’t have any interest in smoking.

Cost of stop smoking hypnosis

   As a smoker looking for help to stop smoking you will be considering the cost of stop smoking hypnosis and if it will be a waste of time and money. This is a normal response from people and your right to consider these things. You probably think you have a fear of hypnotherapy failing, I can assure you your real fear is the hypnotherapy being 100% successful and you will no longer be a smoker. Most people think they have a fear of failure but it’s a fear of success you have, meaning smoking has been a part of your life for quite a while and then all of a sudden it’s gone. I take my work and the approach I use very serious, I work hard to make sure every client gets the results they are searching for. As best as I can I make every effort to inform clients of the attitude and enthusiasm that’s required from them to make their stop smoking hypnosis 100% successful. When you have used hypnosis to stop smoking by the end of your second week of being tobacco free you will have paid for the stop smoking hypnosis by not buying cigarettes.

Stop smoking help

   Before finishing I would like you all to consider what is tobacco doing to your health and can you really afford to carry on smoking. If you would like to become a noneimages smoker why not give me a call today? If you would like any more information about using hypnosis to stop smoking please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

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