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   Want to feel calmer, more relaxed, and better able to cope with the outside world? Hypnotherapy gives you clarity of mind so you can manage stress easily. Had enough of not coping, feeling stressed dive in and let Real Hypnotherapy show you the way to feel like you’re back in control.

What is stress?

   Stress is the outside world not complying with your rules, time scale, beliefs, expectations, and ideas. You’re always in control of stress, always! This is because you have free will to respond to any situation how you please, in other words you give yourself permission to be in the situations that cause you stress and respond in the way you do. Does this sound familiar, I can’t help it I just get wound up and annoyed so easily. Let’s explain something very important. Just imagine your are completely calm and relaxed without any stress at all, great feeling isn’t it! Now if I asked you to become stressed and annoyed about something while you’re relaxed you could do so by thinking and imagining the worst possible outcomes about what’s gone on in your past, present and future. This demonstrates that you have the ability to become your own stress management specialist.

Stress management

    Stress can be reduced by making a sustained conscious effort and as this states you will only be able to manage stress if you are always controlling your thoughts, your surroundings and just not Mental-illness11responding to negative people and situations. So how can hypnotherapy help with stress management, well at first you’re becoming stressed by responding in a certain way consciously and over time the subconscious mind will become involved and eventually take over the way you’re responding in certain situations. This means you will start to say things like I can’t help it I just get annoyed, stressed, and angry.Hypnotherapy works by giving you powerful tools so you are your own stress manager,feeling like you can control how you feel in any situation.

Stress management at work

   It’s important to understand that allowing yourself to become stressed is not healthy in any situation and no job or amount of money is worth becoming ill over. If you only take one piece of advice from this page make sure it’s the following. Your number one rational goal while you’re alive is to be happy and it’s your responsibility to make the necessary changes in your life to allow this to happen. You can’t rely on anyone, anything, or any amount of money to make you happy, only you can make you happy. It’s about putting your health and the way you feel at your number one priority over everything and everyone. Isn’t that selfish? Absolutely, and don’t ever forget it. What about letting other people down, don’t concern yourself because they can do the same. That’s look after themselves. It’s not rational to say my job’s very stressful and this affects the way I sleep, my moods and my health but it pays well. There can’t be a trade off between money and health, never! The good news is you can work any where under any amount of pressure if you can have the best stress management tools nature can provide, the ability to to change how your subconscious mind responds in any stressful situation.

Hypnosis for stress management

Doing what I do is very demanding and you have to be in tip top shape mentally to be able to handle it stressotherwise I would end up in trouble. On a daily basis I’m working with the most severe of cases. What this means is when a client comes to see me they’ve had all the counseling, the cognitive behavioral therapy, medications and in most cases other hypnotherapy already. I will say this, stress is by far the easiest thing to manage via hypnotherapy.

If your suffering by not being able to relax and cope with stress just contact me, it’s not difficult to get you take things in your stride as opposed to feeling stressed and upset all the time. Call or Email for your free stress management consultation.

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