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Stupidity personified

Posted by Michael Crompton on April 6th, 2017
A client came to see me for anxiety and worrying, he complains of over analyzing anything that he experiences on a day to day basis. This worrying is creating great turmoil within himself and destroying his quality of life. After his session of hypnotherapy, he gave me his feedback about the changes. The client states he has a strange feeling of feeling distant from people around him and a part of him won’t allow him to engage with negative people who have a bad habit of gossiping, calling people behind their back’s and general negativity. I explained to this client that in my opinion, it’s your subconscious mind protecting you from entering into any sort of contact with people or situations that are likely to bring turmoil into your life. The client then shows concern that there won’t be anyone left in his life or very few people. Correct, I replied, there won’t! I often say to clients when you’re right in your mind the world will be a very different place and you just won’t allow the negative people to draw you into their dribble and nonsense.

No one fully understands the human mind no matter how many qualifications they have, at best, as a hypnotherapist, you have ideas, certain guides, rules of hypnosis and of the mind. This means I or no one knows if they are working with the mind to its full potential. Most days I work with a client for 1 1/2 – 2hrs with a session of hypnotherapy. When I explain to clients that this is how much time we need it tends to surprise them. However, I know in some cases and some issues it’s possible to remove the problem within a few minutes, less than five minutes. Eh, what, how is this possible? Well, I know it’s possible because I’ve done it.

Here’s the point of this article….. I’ve just stated in some cases we can clear some issues up within a few minutes. This, in my opinion, is only possible with a good client. A good client gets it, they’ve got the intelligence to grasp the concept of hypnotherapy, they understand that they know absolutely nothing about hypnosis, they understand their opinions, ideas expectations are not going to change any concept of their session, they understand that they are not required to fully understand hypnotherapy, they understand they are paying me to help them achieve their goals and the fact that they are paying me means they are paying for a skill that they don’t have. These clients are a pleasure to work with.

On the other side of the coin in some cases you can get a client that’s is desperate for help, has tried every therapy known to man including being drugged up to the eyeballs on medication and no matter how much you explain the process of a hypnotherapy session they’re intent on total sabotage of their session.

On occasion, I can feel my face turning blue I’m trying that hard to get a client to accept the process of hypnotherapy, I will say to them I will get on my hands and knees and beg you to listen and accept the process. These clients are intent on proving I and hypnosis won’t be successful for them. That’s just fantastic isn’t it, you want to prove that you’re stupid enough to get to keep your problems, well done you! At the start of the article, I wrote about how when your mind is right the world will seem like a different place. What I didn’t mention is, be prepared for positive changes within yourself after hypnosis. Although you will feel better and the world will seem like a different place stupidity will hit you like a ton of bricks! The stupid, ignorant people you contact with will be completely intolerable!

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