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Voodoo hypnosis

Posted by Michael Crompton on May 19th, 2017
A client came to see me for help with dealing with some mental health issues. This client was originally from Africa but now lived in the UK.

This client had been to other so-called hypnotherapists while she had been living in the UK. The client reports while attending these hypnotherapists for help she received all kinds of other therapies but reports no positive results.

I believe that it doesn’t matter what the subject is human ego, greed and laziness motivates people to cut corners to try to get things done quickly and cheaply. Unfortunately, cutting corners has a knock on effect where a particular subject can lose its effectiveness, the subject becomes open to the Chinese whispers effect where you end up with dribble and nonsense.

Every subject that’s worth knowing has a structure that’s learned so it can then be passed on to other people. I will explain, the structure of the English language is the alphabet. If you added or took away a letter from the English language you’ve just destroyed the whole English language.

On a daily basis, I get reports from clients who have been elsewhere for all kinds of so-called hypnotherapy. These clients informed me of all kinds of approaches being taken none resemble real hypnotherapy. Here’s an example, client reports going and paying for hypnotherapy. The client was invited into the so-called hypnotherapists house, the client is asked to take a seat. This client is attending for fear of flying hypnosis. The so-called hypnotherapist fumbles around behind the client setting a CD up to play. The so-called hypnotherapist says to the client have a listen to that I’ll be back in a while. The so-called hypnotherapist leaves the room for about forty minutes then returns. I’ve lost count of a number of clients who have had a similar experience. This playing a CD approach has never been hypnotherapy nor will it ever be. Of course, the so-called hypnotherapist does this day in and day out and probably charges top dollar. (I don’t care how much anyone charges for hypnotherapy as long as they are receiving hypnotherapy) If you ever end up in a similar situation please explain to the so-called hypnotherapist it would be a better idea to swap places. That’s you stick the CD on then they listen to it and you charge them top dollar for doing so.

Now back to the African lady client who’s attending my hypnotherapy practice for some mental health issues.  To cut a long story short, I emerged this African lady from hypnosis, as I emerged her she had a big smile on her face which turned into laughter. I asked what she found so funny? Her reply was her sister used to have some very serious mental health issues. Her sister was encouraged to visit a man who lived in the village in Africa for help. Now my client explained that she was there while the man in the village helped her sister break free from her mental health issues. My client said after seeing the man in the village her sister has been free from her mental health issues. My client explained the reason for her laughter was that the way I was doing hypnotherapy with her was almost identical to the way the man in the village in Africa was working with her sister. My client then explained that the man back in the village in Africa was the local witch doctor.

This demonstrates that done correctly hypnotherapy no matter where or who was performing it would be almost identical in its structure and performance. I can almost guarantee anyone you won’t find a witch doctor sticking a CD then disappearing for forty mins and calling it hypnotherapy.

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