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Weight loss motivation

Posted by Michael Crompton on May 9th, 2017
Are you wondering why you just can’t get as motivated as you would like to be about losing weight? After all, you’re not at all happy being overweight are you. Of course, you know you would feel better and have more confidence if you were at your ideal body weight.

Are you struggling to understand how one part of you would more than anything like to be slim but as soon as you go on a diet a more powerful part of you urges you to break the diet.

Here’s why you lack the motivation to do what’s necessary to lose weight. Simple really, you know you’re going to fail at weight loss because you’ve got evidence that you’ve failed every time before to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. You now know there’s no point attempting another diet because for sure you will drop pounds but as you know you will put it all back on and more!

Weight loss hypnosis is the only way to access the part of the mind that urges you to break your diet, your subconscious mind.


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