You will see all kinds of different approaches being taken under the umbrella of hypnotherapy. 

You may be wondering how one hypnotherapist will say that you will require five sessions for your issue, while another hypnotherapist will tell you it’s one session. This can be very confusing to any person looking for help with hypnotherapy. It’s my opinion there can only ever be one most efficient way to achieve anything, including success with hypnosis. You are unique, your issue is unique to you and I. So how could I or any hypnotherapist possibly predict how many session you will require. However, it’s definitely true that some issues can be cleared up within a single session.This can only be achieved with the right conditions within the session. 

You may have already of done some research into firstly finding a solution to your particular problem and secondly finding an effective hypnotherapist that’s right for you. 

This whole website is dedicated to giving any prospective client information that can help them understand how using hypnosis can help them. Hopefully, this will make it more clear how hypnosis can help you bring positive changes into your life. There are no experts when it comes to dealing with the human mind because no one understands the human mind fully. No matter what information you get about hypnosis most of it is opinion. 
When a hypnotherapist is correctly trained they will have an understanding of every different state of hypnosis and the necessary ability to test for every different state of hypnosis. There are many different aspects of a hypnotherapy session that come into play to allow the session to be effective. Rules of the mind (over 300), the correct state of hypnosis, the ability to project you have the skills to help a client change, knowledge, experience and absolute confidence in your work. 
Any person attempting to find help will find themselves searching through a minefield of conflicting opinions, approaches, and hypnosis techniques. What people don’t realise is that I myself also had to go through all the same confusing and conflicting opinions about hypnotherapy. I eventually found, in my opinion, the true and original hypnotherapy techniques. 
When I first became interested in becoming an hypnotherapist I was amazed at the amount of confusion that existed within the hypnotherapy world. It actually took me over two years of research and very expensive training before I found genuine effective hypnotherapy. To be honest I don’t care in the slightest what approach anybody takes. As long as it’s the most effective way of bringing changes about for clients. 

About Me 

My name is Michael Crompton, I’m an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. I believe that to be an effective hypnotherapist you have to be very enthusiastic about what hypnosis can achieve. 
Being a hypnotherapist is both challenging and fascinating. Every day I’m working with clients to remove long-standing problems. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are what I enjoy doing, it never ceases to amaze me what can be achieved with hypnosis. 
I’m confident in saying that I believe I’m one of the most effective hypnotherapists in the country. Evidence of this is that every day I have clients traveling hundreds of miles from all over the country to experience my work. 
My work has been effective when all other therapies failed to help a person. Please click here and scroll down to a client’s review. 
I was originally trained in this country but eventually found it necessary to venture abroad to acquire, what I believe, is the only genuine effective approach. 
It has been my main focus acquiring the only true and original hypnotherapy techniques. This has allowed me to excel with the results that I and my clients achieve. You won’t find the usual array of so-called therapies being offered at my hypnotherapy practice. I couldn’t possibly begin to start adding other therapies into my workplace. When done correctly hypnotherapy can be a very demanding and draining therapy to be involved in. You can be sure I’m not a jack of all trades master of none! 
I’m both a fully registered hypnotherapist within this country, as well as abroad which is of a much higher standard to obtain. 

Real Hypnotherapy 

I created the company Real Hypnotherapy as a direct result of wanting to take positive action to keep hypnotherapy a pure therapy and thus a very effective form of therapy. 
In the beginning, many hundreds of years ago hypnotherapy was studied and developed under strictly controlled conditions. It was the pioneering work of the earliest hypnotherapists that made hypnotherapy so effective. 
Real hypnotherapy is a very powerful intervention for clearing up long-standing mental health problems as well as all kinds of addictions. 
When hypnotherapy is performed correctly by a true master hypnotherapist it doesn’t take long before a client will see dramatic changes within themselves. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges I face is explaining to clients that achieving complete success with hypnosis can be achieved easily and quickly. 

Hypnosis Help 

Please take the time to have a look through my website. I think you will find that doing so will give you answers to questions you may have. 
Please note I’ve only the most popular work that I do. On occasions, people will contact me and ask "do you treat this or that condition"  
because they can’t see it listed. In short, I treat any condition that you can’t just stop doing and is out of your conscious mind’s control. 
Anger Management 
Eating Disorders 
Stutter / Stammer 
Sports Improvement 
Stage Fright 
Fall out of Love 
Ticks / Twitching 
Pain / Anaesthesia 

Real Hypnotherapy Location 

Real Hypnotherapy is based in the centre of Chorley, Lancashire and is only a short distance from both the M6 and M61 Motorway; on a daily basis, I treat clients from the surrounding towns and cities of Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Wigan, and Bolton. I’m proud to offer my service’s to Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the whole of the North West. At Real Hypnotherapy each client is treated in a unique way and privacy is the number one priority. 

More Information 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Michael Crompton 
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist 
E-mail giving details of what you would like help with. 
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