Phobia Hypnosis 

Phobia hypnosis can be a very quick and effective way of helping you to break from the suffering a phobia can bring into your life. What I find as a hypnotherapist is that most clients that attend for phobia hypnosis tend to say they would rather have any phobia than the one they’ve got. This I believe is because the phobia they’ve got is the one that is affecting them the most. 

Phobia hypnosis for everyone 

Here are some phobias I’ve worked with, social, clown, candy floss, chalk, chewing gum and even phobia of getting a phobia. The first thing people ask me about is, do I deal with this or that phobia. They expect a hypnotherapist to have done specific training for each individual phobia and understand each of them. The truth is all phobias are dealt with in the same way, it’s only the content changes. If you think about it the list of possible phobias is endless and no hypnotherapist could ever train to cover them all. Not only are there an endless amount of phobias each so-called phobia is totally unique to each person. 

Phobia hypnosis treatment 

Your big phobia and your big problem requires a big solution right, wrong! It’s your intelligence that’s located in your conscious mind that says this problem of mine will need a big solution. So, anything that says different cannot be genuine. On a daily basis I’m contacted by potential clients wanting help with a phobia. They may of had several attempts via other therapies to resolve their phobia so tend to develop an attitude that they will always have their phobia. Part of the hypnotherapy session is designed to help a client to understand how it’s possible to be free from their phobia with phobia hypnosis. 

Phobia Hypnosis Subconscious Mind 

It does not really matter what phobia you have, how bad it is or how long you’ve had it. As far as phobia hypnosis goes the most important thing is you want to be free from it. Don’t forget most of the time a phobia has been created by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is controlling your phobia, it does a great job at keeping you away from the perceived danger of a phobia and will not change unless addressed via phobia hypnosis. 

Over Coming Phobias 

You may be putting phobia hypnosis off because you’re hoping at some point it’s all going to get better and go away. The truth is your subconscious mind is working hard to improve your phobia, what! Yes that’s right, you may think your phobia is getting worse but what’s really happening is the subconscious mind is getting better at keeping you safe. The subconscious mind will not allow you to go into your perceived danger and will do everything possible to keep you safe (panic attacks, anxiety etc). 

Contact me now! 

If you’re having difficulties coping with your phobia please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. Remember not all hypnotherapists are the same and it’s my complete understanding of the subconscious mind that allows my phobia hypnosis so effective. 
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