Weight Loss Hypnosis 

Is it time to stop wasting your time on fad diets and get control back of the way you look. Remember, your whole self is being controlled by whatever is programmed into your subconscious mind including your eating habits. Why not harness the power of your own subconscious mind and make shedding those excess pounds easier. Weight loss hypnosis is only a phone call away. 

Weight loss hypnosis v conscious effort 

Fed up of trying to rid yourself of unwanted body weight, there’s just no chance of you even attempting another weight loss diet is there? I can save you a lot of time and effort in finding the best weight loss plan for you. Here’s the scoop any calorie reduction diet is effective, it’s as simple as that, no gimmicks needed. The only down side to dieting is that you’re using conscious effort and that’s where I come in. During weight loss hypnosis I/we can change the way you feel about losing weight by tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. While you’re having weight loss hypnosis I will put forward the changes that you desire to your subconscious mind that will urge you to lose whatever excess body weight you desire.  
Just imagine being in full control while losing weight! Another way to look at weight loss hypnosis is that I/we change the part of you that urges you to break the diet as soon as you start dieting. While you’re having weight loss hypnosis I line the conscious mind up with the subconscious mind. It works like this, a part of you wants to lose weight but there’s another part that won’t allow you to lose weight. It’s the part that won’t allow you to lose weight that I/we change. Had enough of failing at losing weight then call me to arrange your first weight loss hypnosis session. 

Just Lose Weight With Hypnosis 

You will see all kinds of weight loss stories about how people have lost weight. The top and bottom of all weight is that all will have had to of reduced the number of calories they consume and do as much exercise as possible. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to not even a hypnotherapist, so if you’ve had enough of feeling like you do about being overweight it might be time to do it the easier way via weight loss hypnosis. Remember, one thing though even the most successful attempts people have at weight loss are always in danger of being reversed and in most cases they are. This is because until that program that’s running in your subconscious mind that’s urging you to overeat is changed you will always have to use conscious effort to sustain your weight loss. Why not write your own weight loss story and prove that all the other weight loss methods are a waste of your time and money compared to weight loss hypnosis. 

Effective weight loss hypnosis 

At the moment you probably can’t imagine being able to even attempt another weight loss diet that’s because of the programming that’s already in your subconscious mind. Remember, you only enjoy the foods that are already programmed into your subconscious mind. Being certain you’re taking the right approach to weight loss will keep you motivated. So, it’s important to have a good knowledge of the approach you’re going to take and to feel sure your on the right path. This means that as long as you’re seeing good results you will stay motivated to carry on losing weight. Effective weight loss is not difficult when you use weight loss hypnosis because I/we can change any desire to eat too much of the wrong foods. 

Fast weight loss hypnosis 

We live in a world where we have an abundance of food, food has now become entertainment and big business. I’m amazed when I watch old footage of the sixties and seventies to see how slim people were. It’s only after this time that people began to gain weight, I would say that most people are over weight to some degree. I can remember the first Chinese takeaway opening where I used to live, this was unheard at the time. Now you can see numerous different types of takeaways and restaurants where ever you go. I understand that eating has become entertainment and people are reluctant to give this up.The good news is you don’t need not give it up for good. This means your weight loss hypnosis plan will focus on you having an initial onslaught to get you down to “your” desired body weight, me giving you suggestions during weight loss hypnosis that will allow you to deviate off your regime from time to time. Is it time to make sure you get your hypnotic weight loss under way? 

Slimming products v weight loss hypnosis 

There is nothing that will lose weight for you and please be very wary of anything that sounds like a gimmick. However, think about your weight loss like this, reduce calories is one and exercise is one. Done separately these things will help you lose weight but done together one and one makes about seven. This means it’s like adding two ingredients together to make something very different. I’m sure there are weight loss products available that can reduce appetite, help burn fat or remove excess water. Most will only be effective with the main ingredients. That’s diet and exercise. 

Weight loss hypnosis in subconscious mind 

Here’s the best weight loss advice just for you and it’s totally free, don’t put your stomach on the diet put your subconscious mind on the diet. The subconscious mind is running your eating habits, not your stomach. So without making changes in the subconscious mind, you’re always going to be having a battle with weight loss, simple isn’t it? 

How does weight loss hypnosis work? 

Weight loss hypnosis will be effective by changing your desire to eat too much or the wrong type of foods, it’s really that simple. The skill that’s needed by the hypnotherapist is being able to communicate to a client’s subconscious mind in a way that will bring about changes. The way a case for change is put forward is of the up most importance and it’s the skill of any hypnotherapist that’s needed to adapt to each client’s needs. 

Contact Me Now! 

I’ve only touched on the weight loss issues people have but I have a vast knowledge of how to make the changes that you desire. If you would like any more information about weight loss hypnosis or you would like to make an appointment just call me now, why wait. I can tell you over the phone or email if you’re ready to make those changes that you desire. 

Fast Weight Loss Testimonials Working with weight loss is challenging but when I get testimonials like these it makes it all worth while. 

Weight loss 
I never get phased by any clients problems at all, in fact the more they have the better. I just look them straight in the eye and say to myself silently but powerfully"I'm going to completely wipe your problem out for good"!I think they get the message. I think this testimonial covers every thing that I'm about, a no nonsense approach and come and see me I will get you right. See what you think. 
A BIG thank you to this lady for choosing me. 
Hi Michael 
I have left it a few weeks before contacting you. Firstly, I would like to say how fascinating I find your work - especially the way you describe it. I could have sat for hours and listened to you talk about hypnotherapy! I found the whole experience really interesting and I am amazed at the potential the human mind has. As for me, well after leaving your office on 3 April, I came home and for the next couple of days, couldn't get the whole process out of my mind - I was just so in awe of it. I was unbelievably positive and felt like the slate had been wiped clean for me. As I told you, I have had an eating problem for nearly 30 years and have sought a lot of professional help for it but I was getting to the point where I was even considering weight loss surgery which goes against all my principles. I had a huge mental block on eating healthily and just could not stop my compulsive eating.  
We are only 3 weeks on and I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I came to your office. From the word go I have had absolutely no interest in eating anything except what is good for me. I cannot believe that I do not feel at all hungry in between meals. I know I am eating foods that fill me and sustain me, but for me to go till 8pm some nights before feeling hungry for my dinner - I have never experienced that before. I am back to cooking from scratch and really enjoying experiencing delicious healthy meals. I immediately started fitting exercise into my daily routine and I do at least 30 mins exercise every day and I am feeling the benefits already - just in being able to climb up and down the stairs without feeling so stiff. I will probably weight myself monthly so I will keep you updated on my weight loss.  
I haven't weighted myself yet although weighing myself isn't a huge issue to me as I know just from my clothes, my energy levels and how my skin feels whether I am eating properly or not. The weight side of things is an important factor of course, but for me, eating the way I was, I was unable to focus on daily tasks, I felt lethargic and had an attitude towards things to match! Eating properly for the past 3 weeks has enabled me to start focusing on setting up a voluntary organisation which I have had in the pipeline for a while but had been stalling due to lack of motivation. People have been commenting on how focused I have been recently. 
So all I can say Michael, is a huge thank you to you for helping me to get my head sorted. This therapy is exactly what I have been looking for a very long time. I doubt there would have been anything else that I could have done to get me on the right road again after such a long history of compulsive eating. The therapy has enabled me to take control of my eating habits and not have them control me any more. I feel totally privileged to have experienced REAL hypnotherapy! Thank you once again and please feel free to use this email and any future updates on your testimonial page if you wish to do so. 
B.V. Liverpool 
Fat comes off 
Through out the whole of any hypnotherapy you will hear the saying the client has to want to lose weight, stop smoking or drinking etc. The fact is if anybody wants to lose weight they would be doing it and not be thinking of using hypnotherapy. The trouble is you only ever get what the subconscious mind is programmed to get and any over weight person has a program running that’s urging them to over eat. Without this program for over eating being changed you will always be overweight! What this testimonial demonstrates is that this client came into my office without much hope of hypnotherapy being effective and in my opinion didn’t want hypnotherapy to be effective. Here’s the Email I received five weeks later. 
I started to notice I was losing weight after about a week and just thought it’s because I’ve not had time to eat properly. The strangest thing started to happen and I just realized I just wasn’t that interested in food any more. It’s now becoming normal to notice my waist line getting smaller but it just seems no effort to achieve this. I’m not missing anything and can’t believe the difference in me. As far as how much weight have I lost goes I just don’t care but I know it’s coming off and all that matters is that I look and feel better. 
T.M Chorley 
No excuses 
Weight loss hypnosis at its best now! This client had been in battle with weight loss for fifteen years and had been on countless weight loss regimes all without real success. This client I like to call a gift client, what I mean is they were willing to accept all advice and follow all instructions. The results speak for themselves. This client to date has removed 9st 4lbs in just over seven months and he enjoys Emailing me his weight every month. 
Please use my email in what ever way you like it’s my pleasure. 
Thank you so much for your help and advice. 
My only complaint is when I look back I can’t believe I let myself get like I was (fat). As discussed the only reason I first came to see you was because I had run out of excuses to tell people why I was fat. I know I’ve lost weight but the difference in the way I feel is unbelievable. 
G.B. - Leyland. 
Fighting fit 
I often am asked various questions by clients about what’s the most difficult thing to treat my answer really does surprise them when I tell them its weight loss. The thing is though it’s not difficult at all in fact it’s very easy but the problem is that some clients expect me to be persuading them to go on a diet and take more exercise. If I’m honest I don’t care at all if anybody is over weight the only thing I care about is being successful with hypnosis. My knowledge of diet and exercise are second to none and the main reason this testimonial is going on this page is to demonstrate what can be achieved with a highly motivated client. This client is a top international sports man involved in contact sports; he would have lost the 18lbs without hypnosis but had heard of my services. With this client I was able to control every aspect of his weight loss regime including, sticking to correct portion sizes, the right nutritious foods and when the calorie reduction would start and finish to the hour. It’s working with people like this that’s enabled me to use weight loss hypnosis with precision. A special thank you to this client for allowing me to use part of the Email I received from him. 
Here’s the feed back you wanted in a nutshell. 
1. I never craved any foods that I know are not part of my plans. 
2. My appetite had totally diminished to the point were I had to remind myself to eat. 
3. I’ve never gone into competition feeling so confident. 
4. The most amazing part was after the ten week diet I just went straight back to what I wanted to eat. 
Thanks so much and I will be in touch in the future. 
S.J. - Manchester 
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