Cocaine Addiction Hypnosis 

A big thank you first of all to all the cocaine addiction hypnosis clients that attended my hypnotherapy practice.The effectiveness of my work has attracted clients from all over the country. I quite often used to say that clients travel as far away as London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Whales, Scotland and Ireland. In 2013 clients came from France and Belgium. Sound too good to be true, well I can assure it is true. I find myself explaining more and more to other clients that the people who come to see me for cocaine addiction are by far the easiest and most pleasurable clients to work with. On occasions when working in certain areas of hypnotherapy I find myself having a real struggle to get clients to be enthusiastic about my work. Not the cocaine addiction people, they are all bar none polite, well mannered and by far the most appreciative clients, this just makes my work so enjoyable. It’s just fantastic when I hear through the grapevine that X, Y, and Z-clients are just doing great, having a normal life once again without taking cocaine. 

Does cocaine addiction hypnosis work? 

It does not matter what I‘m dealing with via hypnotherapy bar none the biggest mistake any person makes when searching out an hypnotherapist is that the general public assumes that all hypnotherapists are the same when it comes to working with cocaine addiction. 
So, does hypnosis work for cocaine addiction? 
I can assure you, any hypnotherapist that’s able to work with a class A drug addiction is highly skilled. This, in my opinion, is a measure that a hypnotherapist is working at the top of their game. 
I’ve done hundreds of hours of research into which hypnotherapists are claiming to be able to use hypnosis for cocaine addiction. Although there are hypnotherapists that claim to be able to do cocaine addiction hypnosis there is one main flow in the approach that they’re taking. 
It’s this flaw in an hypnotherapists approach to closing down a coke habit down that stands out to me. Any person looking for help with any drug habit would not be able to recognise this flaw. 
Day in and day out I work with clients who come to see me for help to stop taking cocaine. It’s very common that these clients will inform me that they’ve already been elsewhere for hypnosis to help them stop taking cocaine without any success what so ever. 
There can only ever be one most efficient and rational approach to achieving complete success with any hypnosis. I can assure you I work with, in my opinion, the most effective hypnotherapy techniques there are. It’s this that allows me and my clients to achieve success with their addiction to cocaine. 

Cocaine addiction hypnosis to break free 

Here’s the deal anybody can take drugs you’re doing nothing special at all. You’re just one of the millions that put white powder up your nose and can’t stop. Are you better than the rest, are you ready to quit cocaine once and for all? Do you want to get back to a better life? 
If you’re the Mother, Father, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister or any other third party of the person with a cocaine addiction please read on to find out what I can do to help a person get off cocaine. 

I’m addicted to cocaine 

You’re reading this because you know that you have a problem with not being able to stop taking cocaine. You may have done your research to try to find the solution to your addiction to cocaine. The options available to you just don’t seem to match up with what your intelligence is telling you. 
I could stop it if I really wanted to. 
I’ve not got a problem with it. 
I can take or leave it. 
I know people worse than me and I’m not that bad yet. 
What every cocaine addict does is try to distance themselves from being labeled an addict by saying, I do not have that bad a problem compared to some people I know. 
Let’s get this straightened out once and for all! 

Remove Cravings For Cocaine 

Your conscious mind makes statements like. 
I’m sick of spending money on it. 
It’s no more cocaine for me. 
I’m not an addict. 
I could stop taking coke if I wanted to. 
I’m not an addict like other people I know. 
I don’t like taking it anyway. 
I will just reduce the amount of coke I take. 
I need to stop taking coke, it’s making me feel paranoid, anxious and depressed. 
I will just take coke it at the weekend. 
I will stop drinking alcohol. 
I would just like to be able to take or leave coke like I used to. 
Your intelligent conscious mind will make all kinds of irrational statements about cocaine. This is usually done because you’re in denial of the turmoil that cocaine has brought into your life. 
Your subconscious mind has other ideas. 
Your subconscious mind is running your cocaine addiction. As you are fully aware it’s doing a fantastic job because it never fails to prompt you to let you know it’s coke time. Even when you promised yourself and everyone around you, you are through with coke. It’s your subconscious mind that will try all kinds of ways to get you back on coke. Like causing arguments, letting you know you deserve to take it, making more out of life’s stresses, convincing you-you can take it or leave it. 
Your subconscious mind does not care at all if you (conscious mind) wants to stop taking cocaine. It’s your subconscious mind that kicks in by finding ways to get you to take cocaine. As soon as you say that’s it I’m not taking cocaine, your subconscious mind will stop at nothing to keep you stuffing cocaine up your nose. Even if you can’t feel anything from cocaine, don’t like it, it’s destroying you and it makes you feel paranoid. 

Get Off Cocaine 

I’m straight talking and you can be sure I’m one of the few hypnotherapists that are able to do cocaine addiction hypnosis. 
I’m very proud to be a maverick within hypnotherapy. It’s not being at all afraid of speaking out that has allowed me to develop powerful techniques that allow my clients to break free from their addiction to cocaine. 
I never listened to anyone who said you couldn’t use hypnosis for cocaine addiction and achieve complete success. I will explain something very important to you; no amount of talking to your conscious mind can change anything that’s being controlled by the subconscious mind! 
It does not matter who it is or what qualification they have. I will demonstrate this for you. Stop taking cocaine it’s going to kill you, just think how much better your life would be without taking cocaine and imagine what you could achieve if you got off cocaine. 
That statement didn’t change anything, did it? 
You can sit in a group and talk about how bad your childhood was etc as much as you like it’s unlikely to remove a cocaine addiction. There’s only one way to access the subconscious mind and that’s with hypnosis. Using hypnosis on a client with an addiction cocaine can bring about changes in your subconscious mind. The aim of cocaine addiction hypnosis is to help you close down any urges to take cocaine. 
Your cocaine habit, in my opinion, has nothing to do with anything other than your subconscious mind and the cocaine addiction stays until the subconscious mind is accessed via cocaine addiction hypnosis. 

You Can Get Off Cocaine 

I would say the number one question I get asked is, how many sessions will it take to get off cocaine, my reply often surprises people. As long as I have a motivated client it doesn’t take long for cocaine addiction hypnosis to take effect. 
Here’s the good news if you’re struggling to get off cocaine. 
On a daily basis, I use my work with cocaine to demonstrate to other clients how effective hypnotherapy is. What I mean is this, helping a client break free from cocaine is where a hypnotherapist is called upon to have all the right skills. However, when dealing with cocaine addicts it is a real pleasure because without exception they are all are polite, have the right attitude and above all else, they want to break free of their cocaine addiction. What more could a hypnotherapist want from a client? 
It’s the client with a cocaine addiction that’s desperate to get off cocaine that allows what I do to be so effective. 

Me & Cocaine Addiction Hypnosis 

I’ve gotten a reputation for working with cocaine addiction but, without fail, on a daily basis, every new potential client that contacts me will ask all the same skeptical questions. I can tell you this for sure on a daily basis I also get testimonials from people wanting help because I’ve removed a cocaine addiction with hypnosis from one of their friends. They are just amazed at the results they’ve witnessed their friends receive. 
My reputation for using cocaine addiction hypnosis has spread far and wide. 
I’ve had clients travel from Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, London, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Glasgow, Wales, Scotland and most from recommendation. 

After Cocaine Addiction 

Day in and day out I receive testimonials thanking me for the tremendous results I/we achieve with clients, it’s only when clients give specific permission for me to use these testimonials that I’m able to use them. 
What you must realise is that no one wants it broadcasting that they’ve been for cocaine addiction hypnosis, permission is rarely given to use a testimonial. 
Look at how emotional the feedback is that I get from clients after they’ve experienced the positive changes cocaine addiction hypnosis has given them. 

Contact Me Now! 

I’m limited as to what I can put on this page this is to protect the techniques I use. 
If you would like to know more about how I close down a cocaine addiction please call, text or Email me anytime I will be more than happy to help you. 

Cocaine Addiction Testimonials Ask your self do you want to be like this client or carry on as you are? 

Michael you changed my life, when I first contacted you I tried to come and see you 4 times and I failed to go through with the treatment, but you never gave up on me. I was so skeptical at first to try this but after you explained everything I just knew it would work. I was a mess I was literally unable to function without getting high on cocaine, my 12 year addiction speaks for itself. My £120 a day habit was growing & everything in my life was a struggle. I felt completely exhausted from the years of trying to maintain my life while suffering from cocaine addiction, years of sleep deprivation and malnutrition, not to mention the enormous amount of money that I had spent trying other ways to kick my addiction. All this when I could of just spent 2 hours with you. Since our meeting the urge & desire for cocaine just went away. I feel literally like a new healthy person, with a new healthy life ahead of me. It’s been 8 months and not a sniff. You’re Amazing! Amazing 
I thank you, my family thanks you, and my friends who were concerned about me thank you for all of your help & guidance. 
T.B - Preston 
Use your head 
Let’s just have a good look at what I do with hypnosis and how we can close down the addiction for you. If a client contacts me and says I want to come and see you I have them just where they need to be, that’s desperate! Make no mistake I see cocaine users from all walks of life and all have varying degrees of problems with cocaine but I can tell when they’re concerned it’s when the paranoia and all the stress starts to affect them. To tell you the truth when I start hearing the word paranoia I get concerned because you can be sure once this paranoia starts eventually it will stay even when the client isn’t using cocaine, this is because I know how the subconscious mind picks up on feelings.This client was desperate and had been pushed against their will into all kinds of other therapies, to be fair by the people that cared about them. This client was experiencing paranoia on a new level and was concerned because they’d seen a close friend nearly die from cocaine and other drug use. 
Thank you so much for the amazing work you’ve done for me. I was in so much debt and despair it was unreal to say the least. You gave me tremendous hope from the word go and I cannot believe how I feel today about cocaine. I new it was ruining me and more than any thing I wanted to stop but as you know I just couldn’t take the other therapies seriously mainly because I knew a part of me new they just were not the answer. You gave me the information that just seemed to make the difference in my attitude towards getting off cocaine for good. Yes you were right no one believes what we have achieved and even the people that are supposed to care are just waiting for me to fail, no chance! Thank you so very much. 
D.C Preston 
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