Drug addiction hypnosis is the only way to access the part of the mind that’s controlling your habit, the subconscious mind. Nobody, no matter whom or what qualifications they have can remove a drug addiction by talking to the conscious mind. Once the addiction to a particular drug is programmed into your subconscious mind it stays there until changed via drug addiction hypnosis. 

Hypnosis for drugs 

It doesn’t matter what your drug addiction is hypnosis can be very quick at removing the urge to take them. Most days I deal with cannabis, cocaine, crack, heroin and most other recreational drugs. Don’t forget why you’re taking drugs, it’s to change the way you’re feeling, well at least in the beginning. 
There is more involved in a drug addiction than just the actual drugs themselves. Many of the clients I help report they like the thrill of going for their drug etc. As well as targeting drug addictions with hypnosis I go after any emotional attachment and any perceived enjoyment of the going and searching out the particular drug. 

I’m a drug addict 

It’s nice to know that there are certain areas in life where we are all more or less treated the same. It’s only the impact on a person life that’s different if they get caught out taking drugs. I suppose the more you value what you have the bigger the impact getting busted will have. Take a look at the picture on the right they are one size fits all they don’t do a designer option. 


So you’re addicted to drugs and you sort of want to quit but how are you ever going to be able to muster up all the willpower? After all, you’ve failed before to get off drugs and you know you’re going to fail again, right! Here’s the scoop, you’re not addicted to drugs you have a compulsive urge to take drugs and a compulsion is not an addiction. I’m fully aware that some drugs are physically addictive and with those types of drugs you get two for the price of one, a compulsive urge, and the desire to ward off the rattle. If this is the case for you/we can work with your GP, they can help the withdrawals, and I deal with the compulsive urges with drug addiction hypnosis. 

Hypnotherapy for drugs 

Are you feeling weak and pathetic because you can’t stop taking drugs? What may surprise you is that drug addiction is indiscriminate and can get a hold of anybody. The last person that I got off cocaine was a Solicitor and the person before that was unemployed and had been for eight years. The point I’m making and it may surprise you is that when I’m dealing with drug abuse I’m dealing with a powerful mind, not a weak mind. What I mean is when you’re learning anything it’s a quick sharp mind that picks up quick and learns easily. It’s your subconscious mind that’s running your drug habit and it’s this part of the mind that runs all your habits, good and bad. You may find you’re the type of person that learns things quickly and it’s this ability that has got you to be an expert at taking drugs. 

Drug treatment hypnosis 

At the moment your subconscious mind has no idea that your drug habit is causing you a problem and it does not care! As far as your subconscious mind is concerned it’s helping and it is doing a fantastic job at reminding you to take drugs. 
My job is to explain in a way that only a properly qualified hypnotherapist knows how to that the drug taking is no longer wanted or needed. It does sound simple but when done properly there is no quicker way to close any drug addiction down. In a nutshell, the idea with hypnotherapy is to go direct with precision into the control center of the drug addiction to close all aspects of the addiction down. This done correctly is a very powerful way to help someone stop taking drugs. 
Do you know you need to get off drugs and don’t fancy the traditional drug treatment? Why would you want to inform a room full of strangers and explain as to why you think you take drugs? How many people can afford to go to private drug rehab, how many people can afford to do nothing for weeks and not work, how many people want to spend time away from friends and family? My approach is discreet, private, won’t break the bank and I don’t even need to know your personal details. 

Drug addiction 

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well dealing with drug addiction is what I deal with most of all. I’ve had clients travel hundreds of miles to see me, most through recommendations. My reputation is on the line, as best as I can I make sure every client will get the changes they are looking for. Only a client truly knows if they want to stop taking drugs. I simply offer hypnosis as cost effective solution drug addiction. 
I’m very proud of the outstanding results me and clients achieve. Hundreds of other drug users can’t be wrong. Maybe drug addiction hypnosis could be effective for you. 

Find a hypnotherapist 

If you would like more information about how hypnosis can help you be free from drugs please contact me, clients inform me that the way I can explain a drug habit seems to lift a weight off them. 

Drug Addictions Testimonials 

Do you not fancy going to rehab, do you know you could stop if you had to, do you know there’s nothing wrong with you? 
It may surprise you to find out that dealing with drug addictions is the easiest part of my work because all the clients I deal with are motivated and are more than willing to follow all instructions. Want a 100% discreet service with no questions asked, just contact me at any time. 
Drug addictions 
I was first contacted by this client four months before he came to see me for cocaine addiction, the delayed appointment was due to his and the people around him being so skeptical of me being able to do what I say I can do. This client had plenty of support unfortunately? What I mean the people around him only spent money on counseling and a well known drug rehabilitation center because they had it. Part of their skepticism came from how little I charge for this service compared to the usual ineffective approach. Maybe it’s time to up my prices? Please read on to see if it rings any bells with you. 
This is so strange, how can this be done? My habit was ruining my life and I hated the stuff. I couldn’t understand how I could hate it so much but yet I had to have it at any cost. I know you explained that I would never go back to how I was but I suppose the fear will help to keep me on the straight and narrow. 
H.M Liverpool 
Marijuana help anyone 
When a person uses marijuana they tend to be in denial of the effects of the drug and it's only when they are clean they realize. 
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! I never thought that hypnosis would make me feel how I feel today. After being referred to you by a family friend I decided to give it a try only for my kids’ sake. That was what I thought. See over the years, with concerted effort, I had reached a point where I had lost count of how much weed I was smoking in a day, aged just 21. I then drifted through more years than I care to remember with all aims in life gone. Marijuana was my best friend for the next 16 years. After losing my job it got to the point where I would get interviews but be too stoned to go. I borrowed money to smoke weed. I guess I'm saying I wanted to give it up for loads of reasons but mainly because I had had enough. After my session with you I still smoke my normal cigarettes but I’m so aware that I haven't had a smoke of anything else for 7 months and I feel great. God Bless You
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