Testimonials are worth their weight in gold to me, please take the time to help others get the changes you’ve now received. 

Many thanks to you all for making my work so exciting and fantastic. 
*I came to Michael in July 2014 with my needle fear. When I say Fear, I mean full panic attack, screaming, crying, shaking, attacking nurses kinda fear. He sat me down and explained everything to me. It was a comfortable and calm environment, which was really helpful as I was very nervous and quite sceptical about receiving hypnotherapy. After my session I felt, well, I cant really explain it, I went straight home and picked up a syringe (before I couldn't be in the same room as one and I was now holding one in my hand feeling incredibly and totally fine). Since then I've had 6 injections, all of which I have been totally fine with. I don't even flinch any more. Michael is a real miracle and has changed my life. 
Needle Fear 
*My life was a mess , it got to the point where I was doing cocaine 4 or 5 times a week . A few years ago separated with my husband ; cocaine was prob one of the causes . After separation and coping with two kids on my own and nearly getting house repossessed , found myself doing cocaine more to deal with everything and to blank everything out . I ended up doing it on my own and taking it every time I had a drink !! I have been close to loosing my job and lost all motivation to do day to day things and at times wanted to take my own life. I know quite a few people who have taken there own life's and Cocaine was involved , it's the root of all evil . Which I why I decided I wanted to stop it and turn my life round so I started looking for help and came across Michael's website . I can honestly say its the best thing I have done and am amazed by the results !! After going for one session a few weeks ago I haven't touched it once and won't again , so thank you Michael for changing my life 
Satisfied customer 
*i went to see Micheal 1 month ago i had a very bad gambling addiction i was a gambler for 10 years . The past 10 years of my life i gambled every penny i had i did not have any saving or any money for rent or even to eat i put my family through a lot of pain and heartache . i had went to see other hypnotherapy's to help with my addiction to gambling but it did not help until i went to see Michael he trully was the best i have not gambled since i saw him i have saved money wich i have not done that in 10 years i am a happier person people around can notice my change in life all thanks to him I do HIGHLY recomend Micheal !!!! dont bother going anywhere else for me he is the best and i cant thank him enough for helping me getting rid of my gambling addiction 
*I went to see Michael last week, I was 99% a believer 1% on the fence. My reason to try hypno was the desire to loose weight, it means so much to me. I have one big problem NO willpower and always end my diet. So I decided to give it a try. Michael talked me through everything, explained stuff, made me feel comfortable. To be honest when I was sat in the chair and about to start I thought I bet it won't work for me but I'm willing to sit here with an open mind. Well guess what an hour later I felt so relaxed I've never had that experience before. When I went home didn't feel different at all and thought its money wasted. NOT true...butter, can't eat anymore. Chocolate, no urge. Made supper for Hubby and son, I've no interest. So very slowly it's working. YAY I am so chuffed. Thank Michael you're a life saver. 
Reveal my inner goddess 
*I had been using cocaine for over two years it got to the stage were i hated it yet could never give it up it took over my life I was at my lowest and contacted michael i had a two hour session 
*All I can say is that I have clarity for the first time in 20 years. I have stopped smoking with no cravings and I feel calmer & more relaxed. Everyone has noticed a big difference in me. Thank you so much. 
Jeni Currie 
*After struggling for 15 years with anxiety and panic attacks I am now completely cured thanks to Michael and real hypnotherapy 
David Kenneth 
*Michael was fantastic from start to finish, he explained everything and I felt comfortable with him. Thanks to Michael, after just over 20 years of smoking I can finally say that I am off that hazardous habit! My friend used Real Hypnotherapy for weight loss and she impressed me very much with the results that Michael produced and recommended that I see him to quit smoking, and now I too will be highly recommending him! 
Charlie Fisher, Wigan 
Stop smoking 
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