If you are struggling to stop gambling this in my opinion means that your gambling is being controlled by your subconscious mind. Once your gambling is being controlled by your subconscious mind your conscious mind has very little control on how often you gamble or how much you lose from gambling. There is only one way to access the subconscious mind and that’s via gambling addiction hypnosis. Once me and a client get access to their subconscious mind it’s just a matter of getting the correct solution over to the clients subconscious mind to allow change to take place. Of course this sounds simple but it takes tremendous skill and knowledge on my part, as well as the right motivation from any client. 

Gambling addiction explained 

Okay first of all let’s get a couple of things cleared up, no one is addicted to gambling and here’s why. Addiction is when there’s some sort of physical(not mental) rattle or with drawls once the particular thing is stopped and it’s usually a drug, there is no rattle when a gambler can’t gamble. A physical rattle usually involves cold sweats, stomach and digestion problems, insomnia and in the worst cases seizures. Compulsive urge to gamble is being controlled by the subconscious mind and this compulsive urge to gamble stays until addressed via gambling addiction hypnosis. 

Use Hypnosis To Stop Gambling 

Let’s face it if you were any good at gambling you wouldn’t be reading this page because you wouldn’t have a problem if you were beating the gambling system. This may surprise you but you have a slim to zero chance of winning in the end. This is why the people who are running gambling are sat relaxing in the shade on their yachts in the Caribbean. Do you already know this? I’m guessing at some level you are fully aware that you will always lose at what ever you’re gambling on. Okay then let’s sort it out for you. Just take a nice big deep breath and read this next sentence. Stop gambling, you’ve wasted enough money already on gambling, you would be better off spending your money on something else, just think how much better of you would be if you stopped gambling, you’re not going to win and get a grip of yourself. Are feeling better now, has the last sentence empowered you, has the urge to gamble just faded away? No it hasn’t has it! I will tell you why it hasn’t. You’re reading this with your conscious mind, you use your conscious mind to talk to your self with about your gambling addiction. The people who nag you about gambling are using their conscious mind to talk to your conscious mind about gambling. It’s unlikely that talking to the conscious mind can change what your subconscious mind is controlling. 

Gambling and hypnotherapy 

So, you can’t stop gambling and can’t imagine life without making what would otherwise be very dull exciting. Your gambling addiction is only a problem to your conscious mind, it’s your intelligence that’s in your conscious mind that sees gambling addiction as a problem. Your subconscious mind could not care less if you end up living in a cardboard box on the streets because you can‘t stop gambling. Make no mistake about it your subconscious mind will not let go of any habit or bad behaviour until addressed via gambling addiction hypnosis. 
If you don’t believe me try your best to stop gambling, go to gamblers anonymous, get some medication, get counselling, go for C.B.T, have acupuncture, watch your life go down the pan and then give me a ring in a couple of years when you’ve lost everything. 

Gambling Hypnotherapy 

With a motivated client, in most cases, hypnosis can help you to stop gambling very quickly. Did your intelligent conscious mind just jump in then and say how can this be achieved? Well I can assure you that this is what me and my clients achieve. Day in, and day out I use hypnotherapy for gambling addiction with clients. Gambling addiction hypnosis is aimed directly at the subconscious mind the part of the mind that’s controlling your gambling. 

Don’t take chances contact me now! 

The techniques I use are the original techniques passed on to me. Remember there can only be one most efficient way to do anything including hypnotherapy. Don’t take chances contact a hypnotherapist who is experienced with working with gambling addiction hypnosis! 

Gambling Hypnotherapy Testimonials 

14 years of Gambling gone in one session 
*I find myself saying the same things day in and day out and at times I can detect that it may come across as bit negative. I will say it again, not all so called hypnotherapists are the same. What I mean is that there’s a big difference between going for hypnotherapy at one place and receiving absolutely no positive benefits what so ever no matter how many session you have and going for the correct techniques. This client had been for four sessions within a month else where and was desperate to stop gambling but felt he had failed because the urge to gamble remained. Now I can understand that if this client didn’t have the right motives no hypnotherapy in the world would change them in the slightest but this client came to see me within two days of their last sessions with the previous hypnotherapist. 
The paragraph below is only part of an E-mail I received , although permission was give to use these words I’ve chosen to leave out the more personal content. See what you think and notice the emotions involved. 
I could not believe where the mind can take your life to, I was about to lose everything including my wife, kids and my self respect. When I thanked you for the changes you had made in me you just turned them around so I was getting the credit for them, well no matter what you say I know you have great skill. It now feels like my mind has been cleaned out of all the negative ideas I had about gambling. Long term I know I have lots of work to do to rebuild my relationships but the amazing thing is I feel as though I just couldn’t fail to succeed in doing so. You are doing great work and I’m very privileged to have found you. 
R Rigby, Glasgow 
Addicted to roulette 
*The strange thing is being involved in hypnotherapy you tend to forget that we are all different in many ways and I had to laugh when a client came out with a statement of, if we were all the same there would only be one type of car for sale in the same color. When I’m working with clients who are involved with gambling I find it difficult to believe where people will let themselves get to before they seek help. This client was one of a growing number of clients that are now coming to see me because they’ve become addicted to roulette machines, in my opinion these machines are designed to get the attention of any users subconscious mind and once this happens it does not take long before a person ends up well and truly hooked on them. Have a look at the feedback below from this client. 
Hiya, just wanted to send you a few words to let you know how I’ve been getting on. Well I’m well and truly in disbelief in the difference of how I now feel towards gambling, I told you about the overwhelming impulses I had to play on the machines, well all these feelings have completely disappeared and to be honest I’m in a state of shock. For the first time in about seven years I have spare cash in my pockets and it feels really good. The only negative if I can call it that is that I’m now aware of what a complete fool I’ve been in the past, I’m hoping I can put these feelings behind me one day. 
Bobby, Blackpool 
Did you notice one thing about what Bobby was saying, he was really saying how good hypnosis is, but those feelings about being foolish can also be taken care of with hypnotherapy. 
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